Jake Benson

"“Lee Skinner has been a fresh breath of air to physical therapy. 7 years ago I broke my back and have been to at least a dozen different PTs during that span trying to find relief. As an athlete I’ve always been disappointed as I felt I was treated as a sedentary or older individual […]"

Scott Mecham

"I had a full distal bicep tendon rupture six months ago. A month after surgery I started working with Lee for physical therapy. He was easy to work with. Great knowledge. Flexible. Really like how his methods are sport specific. Things for my injury progressed a lot faster than I expected. I feel 100% now […]"

Matt Carlyn

"Lee is without a doubt one of the best healthcare professionals I’ve worked with. Not only did he give me the correct treatments to correct some major issues I was having with my lower back, he gave me the confidence to move how I wanted to after the treatments. It was the confidence and autonomy he gave me that allowed me recover faster than I ever have."

Justin Dees

"Dr. Skinner's approach to rehabilitation is unlike anything I have seen in 23 years of training athletes. His process of programming rehabilitation alongside strength training allows people to keep doing what they love- training! His approach saves healthcare costs, improves performance and helps people perform at their peak potential."


About Physio Remedy

Physio Remedy (PR) is a clinical weightlifting facility dedicated to understanding the biomechanical basis of normal and abnormal human movement patterns. The philosophy behind PR is peak performance and injury prevention depends on the ability to move skillfully and consistently.

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