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Physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and biomechanical analysis for weight lifters.

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Andrew Meikle

I have seen countless doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists. No one has been more effective than Dr. Lee. I had a back surgery(microdiscectomy on L5-S1) and re-injured just months after surgery. I have … Read more

Nathaniel Hancock

Deep theoretical knowledge. Extensive practical experience. Rock solid integrity. These are just three of the attributes that led me, a lifelong strength athlete, to Dr. Lee Skinner. I have tested him time and time again … Read more

Justin Bean

I reached out to Dr. Lee Skinner following a year of knee pain with no significant help from other health care providers. I was amazed by the level of care and thought that went behind … Read more

Heather Dees

I’m a IFBB Professional Figure athlete. I’ve done some pretty intense training for the past 13+ years, consistently. My goal is muscle hypertrophy. Shoulders has always been one of my favorite muscle groups to train. … Read more

Nicholas Gravley

A few months ago I suffered a pec injury that took me out of a lot of my training. With the help of Dr. Skinner, he helped me get to the underlying causes of the … Read more

Tori Tadehara

Dr. Skinner Is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Things I thought were way worse were not as bad as I thought. He takes the time to explain things and show proper techniques. If … Read more

Aric Quist

I searched high and low for a solution to my lower back pain. I spent thousands of dollars and 2 years trying a whole slew of solutions, from books to MRI’s to shots. I was … Read more

Jake Benson

“Lee Skinner has been a fresh breath of air to physical therapy. 7 years ago I broke my back and have been to at least a dozen different PTs during that span trying to find … Read more

Scott Mecham

I had a full distal bicep tendon rupture six months ago. A month after surgery I started working with Lee for physical therapy. He was easy to work with. Great knowledge. Flexible. Really like how … Read more

Matt Carlyn

Lee is without a doubt one of the best healthcare professionals I’ve worked with. Not only did he give me the correct treatments to correct some major issues I was having with my lower back, he gave me the confidence to move how I wanted to after the treatments. It was the confidence and autonomy he gave me that allowed me recover faster than I ever have.

Justin Dees

Dr. Skinner’s approach to rehabilitation is unlike anything I have seen in 23 years of training athletes. His process of programming rehabilitation alongside strength training allows people to keep doing what they love- training! His approach saves healthcare costs, improves performance and helps people perform at their peak potential.

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