Physio Remedy (PR) is a clinical weightlifting facility dedicated to understanding the biomechanical basis of normal and abnormal human movement patterns. The philosophy behind PR is peak performance and injury prevention depends on the ability to move skillfully and consistently. We believe that poor movement is associated with many sports-related injuries. Furthermore, these movement patterns are highly prevalent during weightlifting and often exacerbated by increased loads.

In addition to the evaluation of persons who are injured or having difficulty performing their sport, we also provide assessments for non-injured persons wishing to reduce injury risk or reach peak performance levels as quickly and safely as possible.

Beyond providing direct patient and client care, PR is also committed to education. PR offers individual and group education courses for coaches and trainers. These courses are designed to fill the knowledge gap between rehabilitation, strength, and conditioning and return to sport.

Dr. Lee Skinner, DPT, OCS

Dr. Skinner is the founder and owner of Physio Remedy in Murray, Utah. He is a Physical Therapist, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, lecturer and author of the aiphysio blog. His work is transforming how people think about body mechanics, training principles and how this relates to pain and injury.

Dr. Skinner’s experience working inside and outside the healthcare industry has given him a unique perspective on how people manage orthopedic injuries and pain. His mission is simple—minimal healthcare utilization. This passion inspired him to create A.I. Physio—an online musculoskeletal guide that helps people learn more about body mechanics, pain management strategies, injury risk reduction and evidence-based training principles.