I’m a IFBB Professional Figure athlete. I’ve done some pretty intense training for the past 13+ years, consistently. My goal is muscle hypertrophy. Shoulders has always been one of my favorite muscle groups to train. Early this year I had been having some rotator cuff issues. The pain was constant. At first I would feel it just when training, but it graduated to a dull almost constant ache. Pressing even low weight was bothersome & it really stopped a lot of my usual upper body training. I knew Dr. Lee Skinner & so I sought out his professional opinion & help with my first real injury. Turns out I had strained my supraspinatus. It effected my ability to lift heavy, & do most pressing movements with my left arm. It was also effecting my back & chest workouts. I don’t remember any specific moment I felt it get injured. I’m sure it was just years of training hard and a more recent slack in getting my usual deep tissue massages, and myofascial work done. Lucky for me, I went to see Dr. Skinner and he knew just what to do. He REHAB ‘d my shoulder!! He started by helping remove the immediate pain with dry needling! Then we moved into the gym to go through movements & exercises. I loved how progressive & informative the rehab program was. It was Relatively Quick and through it painless! I kept up on his workouts, through an app that made it easy to follow. I’m already back to lifting my normal weights! I’m feeling strong again, with no pain. After the program was completed, It was nice to finally feel that pump again & have my strength back! Thank You Dr. Lee, you’re brilliant!