“Lee Skinner has been a fresh breath of air to physical therapy. 7 years ago I broke my back and have been to at least a dozen different PTs during that span trying to find relief. As an athlete I’ve always been disappointed as I felt I was treated as a sedentary or older individual and was always told to “rest”. But when I rested it only made coming back to activity much more painful. After 5-10 minutes with Lee he was able to correctly diagnosis the cause of my back issues and now almost 5 weeks from that diagnosis and religiously following his instruction I’ve been lifting the best I ever have nearly pain free. Can’t say enough good things about him, he knows his stuff and helped bring me to a whole new level of competitiveness in my sport.” Just squatted 639 for 4 yesterday pain free. I wasn’t overusing my back, didn’t have back pain and even today after a massive squat workout I feel good!